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Berlin Rudow
Friday, 8. November 2019 19:59 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Why does Israel exist? It seems like since Israel's founding as a country about 60 years ago, there has been a lot of death and hatred.

So why does the country exist? (I know I can get this answer out of a history book but I wondered about the public perception of this country's existence) The Synagogue near my house has a large... show more Firstly we do, therefore your opening statement question is wrong, totally wrong, beyond the fact we fought and won 5 wars against armies 10 times the size of ours armies that had 10 times more personal then ours against armies that had 10 times more armaments then we had, we won against all odds, because we fought to defend and save our country fought to defend our homes and our families not to forget there is one more reason, a great reason, we all know the real reason Israel has a right to exist is because God gave this land to us.
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